The Preppy Girl's Guide To Back To School Shopping

A Good Quality Pair of Jeans

I'm always switching up the brand of jeans I get: American Eagle Outfitters, Hollister Co., Lauren Conrad, etc. My personal favorite is probably Lauren Conrad. I've found that they're the most affordable and flattering on my body type. 

A Good Quality Pair of Leggings

During the school year, I live in leggings. I own about 10 pairs of black leggings. You can never have enough. I'd really like to get a pair of Lulu Lemon leggings, but my bank account just won't allow it. Instead, I opt for Aerie leggings. (They're on sale for $10 right now!)


I have a few cardigans in my closet, but I will forever love my gray knit cardigan from AEO. I got it on sale forever ago. I also have a black one. They're perfect to just throw on.

Rain Jacket

I found a rain jacket on the Kohl's clearance rack a couple of weeks ago. It's great quality and black. It will go with everything. 

A Good Quality Pair of Running Shorts

Running shorts are a must for gym class. I prefer Under Armor shorts because they're comfortable and affordable. Between my sister and I, we own 5 pairs of black Under Armor shorts. We're always wearing them.

A Good Quality Sports Bra

You want a sports bra that will last you the whole year. I recommend investing in some Fila sports bras. They're comfortable and, again, affordable. 

Long Sleeve Shirts

During the school year, I like to pair long sleeve shirts with leggings. The look is effortless. I recommend Simply Southern and Ivory Ella for you fellow prepsters out there!

Dainty Necklace

I personally love a  good monogrammed necklace. I showed my monogrammed necklace from USA Name Necklace in a blog post not too long ago. 

Stud Earrings

I have a few pairs of stud earrings, including the heart pair shown. However, I highly recommend getting a pair of pearl earrings. I received these earrings in PR from Sela + Sage. They're perfect in every way possible. The shade of white, the size, etc. I've been wearing them everywhere.

Statement Watch

A statement watch is the perfect way to accessorize an outfit. I have a rose gold one from Michael Kors. I love pairing it with sweaters during the fall season.


UGGs are perfect to throw on when you're in a rush. Plus, they go with just about everything. (Pair with a PINK sweatsuit for a lazy day.)

Riding Boots

During the fall and winter seasons, I live in riding boots. I love pairing them with fun boot socks and chunky sweaters. 

Running Shoes

Running shoes are also a must for school. This fall, I'm going to college. I know I'm going to be doing a ton of walking between classes.


Again, during the fall season, I live in my nude flats. They're the perfect shoe to slide into. Pair with skinny jeans and a collared shirt for a chic, professional look.


The last shoe I recommend having is moccasins. I love these for the fall and winter time. I think they look great with jeans that have a bit of flare at the end.

Cute Lanyard

Vera Bradley has a ton of lanyards. They're so bright and fun! This year, I purchased mine from my school store.

Monogrammed Backpack

I usually always opt for a Vera Bradley backpack, however this year I was feeling something a bit more sturdy. I went with an LL Bean backpack. It looks very, very similar to the one shown above. I love it! 

Question of the Day: What's your number one fashion staple for school?

Zaful Review

About two months ago, reached out to me asking me to review some of their pieces. I've seen Zaful ads everywhere and wanted to know for myself if I was really getting a bargain.

Here is my honest review about Zaful parcel:

Striped Off Shoulder Ruffle Top - Light Blue // $12.99

I was immediately attracted to this top on the Zaful website. Lately, I have been loving the off the shoulder trend. And the fact that it's seersucker makes it 10 times cuter! Overall, I think it's a decent quality top for the price.

Though summer is almost over, I will definitely get a wear or two in before Labor Day.


Casual Lace-Up Sweatshirt - Pink // $14.94

I was very, very impressed with the overall quality of this sweatshirt. It was not only thicker, but a lot softer than I was expecting. This clothing piece is definitely a steal! I can wait to wear this during the fall season with gray leggings and my Under Armor sneakers.

Artificial Pearl Collarbone Silver Necklace - Silver // $4.58

I've been on the hunt for a necklace like this since March. When I saw this necklace, I knew right away it was a steal. It looks just like the picture. I love everything about this necklace: the chain, the size of the pearl, and the way it looks on my neck. It goes with everything in my closet.

That concludes my Zaful review. Overall, I am very impressed with the products I received. They're decent quality for the price. However, please note that shipping does take about a month. The package is coming from China and it has to go through customs on both ends. Just keep that in the back of your mind when you're ordering.

Again, I am very impressed with my Zaful parcel. I highly recommend you check them out for yourself!

Question of The Day: Have you ever made a purchase from Zaful before?

Thanks for reading!

Your Complete Guide: School Life Hacks

Welcome back to my blog, everyone!

I'm here with another back to school blog post. I am a huge fan of making my life simpler-- especially when it comes to school.

If it doesn't move, monogram it.

I personally love monograming my "stuff" because I think it looks cute. But, I also like the way it divides my stuff from others. I decided to throw a monogram sticker on my laptop. No one is going to steal a laptop that has someone else's initials on it.

Come up with a color coding system BEFORE the school year starts.

When I was in high school, I always made up my color coding system as I went. (Unless it was Spanish. Spanish was specific. Always.)

Here's my color coding system as of now:


Take notes before class.

I liked to do this before my history classes since it was a lot of memorization. Take notes the day before.


Also, take notes of any questions you might have! During class, you'll be able to focus on the lecture as opposed to frantically writing down information. Any notes that you do take, write in a different color. That way, it's easier to make note of what your professor emphasizes on. I did this all the time in high school!

Keep a pack of sticky notes on your desk during class.

Again, I did this all the time in high school and I plan on continuing in college. I'd keep a sticky note on my desk and jot down anything important. Maybe the teacher reminds you of an important vocabulary word, or maybe he/she gives you a quick 10 point assignment. Either way, I want to be the first to write it down. The last time I relied on my brain to remember something, I crashed and burned.

Note cards.

Enough said. Note cards are my best friend when it comes to studying. I've always found notecards especially helpful for history and Spanish classes. (You can get colored ones too to help you stay organized!)

Not only keep an agenda, but keep a to do list.

For the past two years, I've always used printable to do lists. You can find them on Pinterest. I use to do lists to organize my time, whereas my planner keeps track of due dates. I also use my to do list to breakdown different assignments and projects. Checking events off a to do list is a lot more motivating than you'd think!

Get two sets of school supplies.

When you're shopping, pick up sets of two. After the first semester, you can switch out your folders. I know mine began to fall apart in the middle of December. Going back to school in January with fresh folders is a nice pick me up.

Those are my life hacks for this back to school season! I tried to keep these life hacks original. I know life hacks are everywhere: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. So, hopefully you found some of these tips helpful.

Question of The Day: What's your favorite way to study?  

Thanks for reading!

Fresh and Fast Makeup For Class

Good morning, everyone!

Today, I'm sharing my everyday makeup with you: school edition. I'm all about a fresh, dewy look for school. Oh, and fast! At this time in my life, I've decided to pick sleep over eyeliner. Oops!

Step 1: Moisturize

Moisturizer is your best friend. I'm always switching up my moisturizer. For the past couple of weeks, I've been using the Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream by Ren.

Step 2: Primer

Benefit's POREfessional will always be one of my favorite primers. I start by applying this to the center of my face, blending it out with my fingers.

Step 3: Concealer

I like to go to town with concealer: under my eyes and on any blemishes. I then let this melt into my skin-- if I have time. #TheBagsUnderMyEyesAreDesigner

Step 4: Powder

I recently picked up a new powder from Sephora: Perfect Setting Powder by Cover FX.

Step 5: Blush

Again, I like to switch up my blushes. I like to go with some bright, yet natural. Apply to the apples of your cheeks and swirl up to your temples for a natural, more awake look.

Step 6: Highlighter

If I have time, I'll go for highlighter. I like Benefit's High-Beam. I think it looks very natural.

Step 7: Mascara

I switch my mascara up every other day. For a more natural, fluttery look, I like to use Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara.

Step 8: Comb through brows

Sometimes, I find that filling in my brows is much too time consuming. I apply a bit of hairspray to my spoolie to keep my hairs from flying everywhere.

Step 9: Setting spray

Go for a hydrating/finishing mist from Tarte. This 4 in 1 product keeps your skin looking fresh all day long.

That's my makeup! This takes me no longer than 8 minutes.

Comment of The Day: If you could only have one makeup item with you at school, what would it be? 

Shills Natural Sciences Review

Good morning, y'all! 

This morning I am reviewing Shills Natural Sciences, a skincare company based in Taiwan. They were so kind to send me a few sheet masks, as well as their 3 Step Kit for ridding blackheads and other blemishes.

Snail Essence Sheet Mask

I loved this sheet mask. I'm not going to lie, I was a little skeptical about putting this mask on my face. Snail gel isn't necessarily my number one skincare go to. But, after using this, I've fallen in love. My skin was so much brighter.

Honey Gold Lifting & Firming Mask

I didn't see immediate results after using this mask. I'm sure after using it a couple of times, I'll see a difference.

For those of you who struggle with acne and blackheads, like myself, this kit is your new best friend. I love peel off masks, I've found that they get rid of dead skin cells and pull out grime. This kit pulled out twice as much. #SoGross

First things first, cleanse your face. I used my favorite foam cleanser from Peter Thomas Roth. Next, I went in with the Deep Sebum Softener. This sebum softens my pores allowing all of the bacteria to be removed with ease.

After washing the black gel off with warm water, I went in with step two: the Deep Cleansing Black Mask. I applied this with the mask brush. However, I wasn't a huge fan of the brush. It was difficult to apply. Therefore, I just used my clean fingers. I found that I had more control of the product. 

Peeling it off was my favorite part. Also, the most painful part. However, I thought the pain was worth the results. There was so much "gunk" on the mask. My skin instantly felt smoother. It also looked brighter.

After peeling the mask off and rinsing off any excess product, I applied the Clarifying Toner. This minimized the appearance of my pores. It also made my skin feel twice as smooth. 

Overall, I am a huge fan of Shills Natural Sciences skincare products. I'm definitely going to be using the 3 Step Kit once a week, or once every other week. It's the perfect way to detox the skin of any impurities. 

Question of The Day: What's your go to face mask?

Thanks for reading!